Music & Presence

 For a long time I have used my intuition and musicality to become more open and responsive, and as therapist I can use my knowledge and long experiance to help fellow musicians with what I call Music & Presence
As musicians we are often occupied with how to play our instrument and what we want to say with our music.
But we also get our mind caught up with wanting to play right and to perform what we think is expected of us.

With Music & Presence I work with you so you can be more relaxed and secure in yourself and to find more of your own creativity. This helps you to avoid physical problems or get rid of or improving those ones you already have. It also gives you the possibility to deal better with stress.

All we have experienced in life has a big impact on our way of dealing with ourself and our surroundings. When you start to listen to your inner voice you can be much more in tuned to your music and enjoy life more.

When we are grounded and relaxed our ability to perform is much greater and we can share our music with our colleagues and audiences with joy and happiness.

Music & Presence is an intuitive combination of my musical knowledge and various treatments

Treatment technics:
Soullife therapy, Stress release, Body Harmony, Coaching, Grounding, Aku Pressure, Reflexology and Ortobionomi.